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Book Review: Always You by Karen Stivali

Always You by Karen Stivali
Published: September 2, 2011
Genre: Romance Erotica
Source: Personal Buy
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When Shari discovers that her fiancé has been cheating on her, she lets the wedding go on according to plan. Except while everyone else is at the church, Shari is heading to the airport to fly off on her honeymoon with her best friend, Jon.

Jon is only too happy to help Shari escape what he knew would have been an awful marriage. Plus he’s thrilled by the prospect of time alone with her in a tropical paradise. He’s always loved her, and desired her as a lot more than a friend.

A steamy, romantic night on the beach turns into a whirlwind of desire as they take their friendship to multiple new levels of passion. But when Shari’s apologetic ex tries to win her back, she must choose between the life she thought she was going to have with him and the possibility of love with Jon.

This was a really nice quick read. I do like the best friend falling in love plot a lot. Shari ex-fiance cheats on her with his ex girlfriend and she finds out just before the wedding. The day of the weeding she runs off to her honeymoon with Jon without telling anyone. Jon has been in love with her since they meet. I really love the character of Jon. He is sweet sexy and is head over heal in love with Shari. He is just enough sweetness and flirt all rolled into one. Jon is the kind of guy girls hope to find.  He basically drops everything to be with her. There is also a pretty hot masturbating scene between Jon and Sheri in the beginning of the book. 
Overall the book is a really good toe curling read. Lots of great sex scene and a happy ending.


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